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Recycled Cotton 

Recycled cotton fabric is eco-conscious, made from discarded cotton garments, reducing waste. It involves collecting, cutting, and spinning fibers into new yarn, minimizing environmental impact compared to conventional cotton production. By repurposing materials, it conserves water, energy, and resources while minimizing textile waste. Retaining cotton's qualities, it offers comfort, breathability, and versatility. Embracing recycled cotton contributes to a circular economy, fostering sustainability and reducing the ecological footprint of textile manufacturing.

Customised Bags & Pouches

Recycled cotton fabric is essentially cotton, just not virgin cotton. It has all the qualities of cotton fabric and can be customised into beautiful bags and pouches with add-ons such as pockets, prints and zippers. write to us to know more : contact.

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Here are some of the popular recycled cotton & canvas products that are in stock 

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