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Hand-painted Backpack - Patachithra art (West Bengal) - Peacock

Hand-painted Backpack - Patachithra art (West Bengal) - Peacock


GOND painting is famous folk art of the Gond tribal community of central India. Dating back to over 1400 yrs ago, the Gond community expressed their close connection with spirit of nature through paintings on walls & caves as a form of worship. Their paintings are also a means to record and pass on historical knowledge and teachings. We at Earthworks enable these artisans to continue their artistic expression by offering our bags as their canvas. This bag is hand painted by Artist Gariba Singh with love & dedication, highlighting nature elements to remind us about the importance of nature conservation.


    Model: 100% cotton drawstring backpack - daily use

    Fabric: 100% (cotton) fabric - 150 GSM 

    Size: Length: 18" (46 cm) x Width: 15" (38 cm) 

    Colour: Natural (off-white) unbleached 


    Earthworks hands painted bags are made for everyday use. They are safe to wash & re-use, but they need a little TLC as they are handmade.

    • Hand wash with care.
    • Line Dry in shade.
    • Do not use bleach or strong chemicals.
    • Safe to iron (backside & handle, not the painted area)
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